XCom: UFO Defense

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Name: XCom: UFO Defense
Genre: Turn Based Strategy
From: Microprose 1994

Background: The Earth is being overrun with UFO's. People are being abducted, but their governments are unable to respond. The countries of the world unite to form a new organization to deal with this rising threat: XCom. You are charged with heading this organization. You need to recruit the troops, equip them, guide them into battle. Then using the captured aliens and technology, research new and better equipment to help fight this sinister menace and discover the secrets behind it.

In XCom, you will build your bases. You will man them. You will equip them with fighter and transport aircraft. You will direct scientist in their research. You will command engineers in building equipment based on that reasearch. You will give that equipment to your soldiers and lead them into turn based battle against the alien forces.

A combination base management sim with turn based combat. XCom set the gold standard for the genre when it came out.

Story 1 Brute Squad vs. the Sectoids by CSL(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)

Story 2 The Rookie by Godzilla Blitz

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