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Name: General Gaming
Genre: Just About Everything
From: Everyone Else

Some stories span multiple games such as a rivalry with another player. Some stories are from completely different types of games. Sometimes different game experiences combine to make us realize something. Some stories aren't about the games themselves but their impact upon us. Some stories are about friends, families or even strangers that affect our lives. Then Gaming gets capitalized and represents more than just a "game."

This area is home to those types of stories. These might be stories you'd say, "I'd have never thought to submit that here." But this place is about sharing the stories more than judging them. Perhaps when there are enough stories here that don't seem to fit elsewhere, you'll have an answer when someone asks you, "what's it like to be a gamer?" Sure, you can say it's a lifestyle or a collection of experiences, but sometimes a story or two works better. Game on.

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