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Links to some good sites:

Gone Gold -- the place where I got the idea for this site. A good example of how a good community can grow around a good site. Rest in Peace. Maybe you'll be back some day.

The Successors:

Gaming Trend (formerly Console Gold) -- The only sister site to GG, it helped pick up the pieces after the end. It's expanded into a full fledged gaming site. It also has a solid community that are darn fun to play against (or with) online, especially on Xbox Live.

Octopus Overlords -- A forum created by a web host to take in GG refugees. Many of the GG moderators went to OO when it was founded. There's always a good conversation there.

Bovine Conspiracy -- A rebel faction that defected from OO. They're a little wild, but fun.

Other Gaming sites:

Penny Arcade -- Always a good place to go for the latest news and analysis on gaming. I think they do some sort of humor too.

IGN -- Good game news site, plus home to the vault family of sites.

The Wargamer -- Everything about war games. Insert WOPR joke here.

GamesTalks -- An active discussion community centered around all forms of gaming.

Boycott Starforce -- A site dedicated to pressuring publishers to use less intrusive copy protection (currently down)

The Usual Suspects (download sites)

File Front
Gamer's Hell
3D Gamers
Adrenaline Vault

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