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Talk Strategy

Talk -- to speak, discuss or confer.

Strategy -- combining uses of resources to achieve an aim.

While not perfect definitions, they'll do.  We're here to swap stories and techniques to achieve the aim of becoming better gamers.  The resources are our times, our games and our experience.  The place to discuss them is right here.   This place is not about finding the "perfect" strategy.  It's about having more fun by trying new techniques and then discussing how it worked out.  Even a spectacular failure can teach us if we're willing to learn.  Hopefully, this place will become a community where we build friendships as we crush our enemies (virtually, of course).

Please join the news section, post in our forums, comment on our stories and become part of our community.

I'd prefer if people use the affiliate links to support the site but if you wish to make donations you can use paypal and send them to hrothgar AT talkstrategy DOT com.
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