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Name: Starcraft
Genre: Real Time Strategy
From: Blizzard Entertainment 1998

Background: Starcraft is perhaps still the most popular realtime strategy game ever. It has a science fiction setting with vivid characters, a strong story and creative units. There are three well balanced sides with an involved tech tree for each. There are two gatherable resources and unit cap. The gatherable resources are crystals and gas. The unit cap can be increased through resource expenditure. Starcraft supports both air and ground units as well as both melee and ranged attacks. There are both specialized and general purpose units.

Sides (3): Terran (Human) -- the Terran side is represented by human colonists on the edge of space and out of contact with Earth. They focus on mechanical technology. They are versatile, but not particularly tough. They progress from ground units, to mechs, to tanks, to fighter spacecraft, to battlecruisers.

Zerg -- the Zerg are a biologically adaptive alien race. They absorb species to improve their genetic material. They are ruled by a collective consciousness called the overmind. All Zerg buildings and units evolve from larva. Zerg units use their natural weapons for combat. They can only build on areas they've expanded onto with a biological coating called creep. Zerg units heal quickly on the creep.

Protoss -- the Protoss are an advanced humanoid race. They have both advanced technology and strong mental powers. These are offset by their limited numbers. The Protoss use warp gate technology to transport units and structures in from their home world. All Protoss have shields which recharge over time. So a Protoss force beaten back but not destroyed can return at full strength after a short time.

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